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Heartfelt newborn photos that celebrate connection

My newborn photography sessions are baby led, with minimal posing, allowing me to focus more on photographing connection and baby just as they are.

I offer the newborn photography service from my cozy studio in Newton Center, MA, serving Boston and beyond. It's easily accessible from the centre of Boston and surrounding suburbs.

I offer a variety of professional photography products including fine art prints, albums, canvases and more! All newborn sessions include a selection of digital files.

Your newborn baby is finally here! It's such an exciting time that goes by in a blink of an eye. From every little expression to their teeny piggie toes, newborn sessions focus on baby waking up to the world around them and connecting with their parents.

A newborn photo shoot is such a great way to capture one of your family's most exciting chapters in life. I can promise you that you will cherish the photos of these first moments for a lifetime.

Featured Newborn Sessions

I hear it all the time from my clients. They worry so much about how their toddler will behave during their new siblings portraits. Fear not, young parents! I've got this covered. I am mother two rambunctious little boys and there is literally nothing your toddler will do that will shock or upset me. After photographing children for 10 years, I have seen it all. And guess what? I get great photos every time.

I like to start family sessions that include a toddler by interacting with them. I typically do a mini photo shoot of just your older sibling. It's a special day for them too! I let them play with my toys, poke their feet with my feather duster (aka tickle stick), all the while snapping priceless photos of their every little expressions.

When it's time to bring the baby in for photos, I don't ask the toddler to pose with the baby. In fact, I avoid that at all costs. They will like it more if it was their idea, so we'll pretend like everything we're doing was their idea.

While I do encourage parents to have newborn photos taken by the time their baby is 2-3 weeks old, I am also happy to work with older newborns. Because I don't focus on posed newborn photography and let the babies be themselves, it is perfectly fine to take newborn photos around 4-6 weeks of age if you just can't get out of the house any sooner or decide after baby is born you'd like to schedule a session.

Little Ethan was just about a month old for his photos. His cheeks were filled out, eyes alert and open, and totally loved being cuddled by his parents. Simply beautiful!

I was so excited to work with this family for the second time, after meeting them for a fall family session. We started the session off with a fun play session with the baby's two older siblings. I really enjoyed capturing the older kids in their element and letting their beautiful personalities shine.

After family portraits, the two older kids had snacks and down time while I focused on the new baby.

10 quick tidbits

  • I don't say cheese to get real smiles out of children, especially toddlers! My portrait photography is focused on real moments, which are so much better than staged or forced interactions.
  • I only use light and minimal wraps and clothing for newborn photos. No loud costumes or props.
  • I have more than 10 years experience photographing newborns and 18 years total as a professional photographer. That means I've taken a lot of pictures! I also have two young sons, so lots of experience with toddlers.
  • I photograph most of my newborn sessions at my natural light studio in Newton, MA, which is a part of the Greater Boston Area. I selected this space for its beautiful natural light and cozy feel, so both you and baby feel comfortable. It also has a private entrance and restroom.
  • I provide everything you need for the baby. I have a very carefully curated client wardrobe that includes wraps and simple outfits for newborns. You can see a selection here.
  • I take a limited number of newborn photo shoots and family photography sessions each month, so it is best to schedule your newborn photos while you're still pregnant.
  • My style is simple and natural. That means I won't be putting your baby in a bucket and putting them in unnatural poses. I know sometimes it's irresistible to dress your baby up like a doll (I admit to doing this with my boys!). But it's best to save those for quick phone snaps and let me focus on your forever photos.
  • I let the babies lead me. Sometimes babies are perfectly happy being put down on the beanbag for photos and other times they insist on being held the whole time. Some babies sleep and others are awake. Whatever they do - it's all good! They are perfect just the way they are.
  • I am trying to capture a feeling in my photography. There is no need to say cheese or for everyone to look perfect in my photos shoots. This is a common theme throughout my wedding and portrait photography. My newborn photo shoots include lots of snuggling and connecting with your baby. I'll capture all the sweet details and the quickly growing bonds between baby, their parents, and siblings.
  • I encourage family members to be involved in the newborn session. Let's show baby how welcome and loved they are! I realize you may not be feeling your best (hello, sleepless nights!) after having a baby, but I am able to photograph you in a way that you will love. We'll focus on the little things like soothing your baby, your baby's hand reaching for yours, you admiring your baby.
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