Outdoor Family Photos

poetry in motion

Boston Family photographer

Wonder, bewilderment, joy, tears, happy, sad, mad, stubborn. They’re welcome to feel all the feels during their shoot. In fact, I encourage it! So don’t worry if you child cries or tantrums or is having a clingy day. Don’t put pressure on them to do anything in particular during the photoshoot. Pitch the session to them as meeting a new friend who wants to take fun photos of them playing. If your kids are younger, just plan to love on them hard. The rest will happen naturally.

You might think I’m a little zany during your session; after 15 years, I still get excited for each shoot and approach each one as a new way to make magic. When working with kids, I shoot quick and a lot, searching out your children’s emotions. I will run and roll on the ground with them, make elephant noises (my specialty), jump up and down, really, whatever it takes. Embracing my own inner child and being emotionally open allows them (and you) to let loose in front of me. I encourage you to do it too.